"Goshin Jutsu": The Nihon Goshin System. Focussed on Self-Defense.
What is
Nihon Goshin Aikido - or - "Goshin-jutsu"?

("Knee-hone-go-sheen") means Japanese Self-Defense.
NGA is a self-defense oriented training system like Aikido, for people looking to improve themselves through martial arts training and to develop defensive skills. Please read on below for more information about Goshin-jutsu history and how the system differs from "Traditional" aikido.
An individual who was also well trained in Aiki Jujutsu Daitoryu, like O' Sensei, was a man known as Master Shodo Morita (seen in the black suit, teaching in his dojo in Chitose, a city of Hokaido, Japan.
Morita-sensei took what he felt to be the best principles and techniques of his Budo education and combined them to create his new art.
"Nihon Goshin Aikido" was an effective system of self-defense, and like its Traditional cousin, relies on many of the principles of Aiki-Jujutsu. It also combines an education in the striking basics of Karate Do, throws like Judo, pressure point manipulation techniques, and some weapons practice. Nihon Goshin "Aikido" is intended to be a system of self-defense.
Morita, although much younger, was a contemporary of Master Morihei Ueshiba, and like O'Sensei, he had a diverse education in various Budo. His main training was reported to have come under Yoshiro Kotaro a senior student of Takeda.
The NGA system was handed down to Morita's adopted son Tominosuke Nara before his death. Eventually Nara-Sensei retired from public teaching in the mid '70s.

One of the students that came up through the ranks in the Chitose dojo, was an American serviceman named Richard A. Bowe (Peforming the kick in the above picture). He became an accomplished practitioner and got his instructor's rank under Morita - Sensei, before coming back to the United States.
In September of 1963 opened the first American NGA dojo.
Before Tominosuke Nara retired he promoted Mr. Bowe to the rank of 5th Dan in 1976. He is now honored to wear his 6th Dan, the highest rank in the NGA system.
Nihon Goshin is no longer publicly practiced in Japan, so the art's proponents are the men and women who carry on the teachings Mr. Bowe brought back with him. Bowe-Shihan continues to teach today in weekly Yudansha (instructors ) classes.

Tominosuke Nara seen during Jo Waza. (Staff practice.)
Bowe - Shihan in action at the 2002 summer NGA Aikido Expo in New Jersey. "Uke" is MacEwen Sensei.
Mr. Bowe seen in the (Chitose,) Hokaido Japan dojo with the Yudansha and Instructors. c.'59-'61

Bowe - Shihan has promoted several key people over the years to high instructors ranks. The principle two are Steven Weber - Sensei, and Robert B. MacEwen - Sensei. (Posed in the photo below with Mr. Bowe.) These two men have furthered Nihon Goshin in more ways than are accountable. Both men have brought up their own students through to the ranks of the Yudansha.

Because of the efforts of Richard Bowe, Steven Weber and Robert MacEwen, the Nihon Goshin arts are practiced in over 20 schools nationwide by hundreds of skilled Yudansha and students.

MacEwen - Sensei, a 4th degree black belt, tested and promoted Mr. Holloway to his NGA instructors rank.

Mr. Holloway continues to teach NGA although he no longer represents the NGA Association.

To avoid confusion Aikido Heiwa's Nihon Goshin curriculum is referred to "GOSHIN-JUTSU" which means "Self-defense Art".

The two instructors that taught Mr. Holloway much of his NGA are J. Phelps - Sensei and
D. Morris- Sensei. These two men ran dojos that Holloway trained in. He is seen taking ukemi for each. ^ >


While not nearly as widely practiced as its "Traditional" Aikido cousin, (from Ueshiba's teachings,) NGA is practical, and a great deal of fun. There are a number of dojos around the U.S., mostly on the eastern seaboard.

W. Holloway is a certified instructor of Nihon Goshin Aikido, although he is no longer a member of this association. At Aikido Heiwa NGA is taught in our "Goshin-jutsu" classes to avoid confusion with our mainstream Aikido practice, and as a respectful courtesy to the NGA schools in that association. We don't want to cause confusion with schools that are part of the NGA or other Associations.
Will Holloway and Richard Bowe pose for the camera in New Jersey.
Also note; Aikido Heiwa is also not a part of the Nihon Goshin-Jutsu Aikido Association, in Buffalo, NY.


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